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Getting sound from a guitar is sort of like following a chain through its links. The first link is your hand. The second link is the strings. And the third link brings us to the biggest difference between guitar types: on an acoustic guitar, it's the wooden top; on an electric one, it's the pickups. But if you've ever played a hollowbody electric or an acoustic-electric, you'll know there's some room for overlap in the third link of our metaphorical guitar chain. So if you want to make your acoustic guitar a little more versatile, this is the place to do it - and since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, going for trustworthy options like these Dean Markley guitar pickups is simple common sense.

Are you looking for a pickup that's quick and easy to install and remove? Soundhole models can give you that convenience, which makes them an obvious choice for any guitarist planning to switch back and forth between acoustic and electric on the regular. Some of the best-selling examples of those pickups here include the Dean Markley ProMag Plus XM Acoustic Guitar Pickup, Pro Mag Grand Acoustic Guitar Pickup and Pro Mag SC-1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup. Similar to an electric guitar's single-coil pickup, they'll put out clear sound by "listening" directly to your strings.

On the other hand, maybe you're interested in something that goes beyond the strings - in that case, something like the Dean Markley Artist Transducer could be the right option for you. Instead of picking up vibrations from the strings, it gets them from the guitar top - which means choosing different spots to attach it can noticeably change the character of the sound, so you have a wide variety of tones available. There's also the option of using multiple transducers, or combining a transducer with a soundhole or piezo pickup, and then mixing them together to get yourself some exceptional results.

Any one of these Dean Markley guitar pickups could be the right fit for your setup - or maybe even more than one, if you're ambitious enough to mix a transducer with a soundhole pickup. It is, of course, totally up to you as to which pickups you decide on for your instrument and your amp. If you're a bit stumped in your decision, try checking out the ratings and reviews; they make great tiebreakers!