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The easy installation, convenient portability and low price of piezo acoustic guitar pickups make them one of the most common pickup types among live acoustic guitar performers. Thanks to technological advances, piezo acoustic guitar pickups have come a long way and there are more than enough models in this catalog that would make that obvious. Respected brands like DiMarzio, D-Tar, Shadow and EMG each specialize in their own piezo acoustic guitar pickup models and they can all be found on this page, among others.

With so many best sellers and top-rated products in this section, you'll be sure to come across something that makes you excited about playing for a crowd. Just take a look at the D-Tar Big Soundspot Pickup. Boasting super-sensitive piezo crystal transducer pickups and hand ground to incredibly fine tolerances, this pickup has earned a considerable amount of praise for its ability to capture the natural sound of rhythmic instruments. For that matter, the same can be said for the DiMarzio Acoustic Model for Acoustic Guitar and Bass. Featuring a non-hardening putty, this piezo-electric transducer can be mounted anywhere on your guitar's top and works with steel, bronze and nylon string instruments.

Now, for those willing to spend a bit more, you'll definitely get more bang for your buck with the AER AK 15 Plus Guitar Pickup System. What you have here is a twin source endpin acoustic instrument preamp for the AER standard piezo under saddle pickup and a microphone; both signals can be easily adjusted by the well-concealed controls that are attached to the soundhole. Additionally, this set includes an endpin preamp with adjustable gain for piezo along with an AER nylon zipper bag, ballpen and writing pad. Simply put, the tonal balance, exceptional clarity and dynamic range of the AK15 Plus make it a definite pickup for any acoustic guitarist with serious aspirations.

And the selection of piezo acoustic guitar pickups goes far beyond the models mentioned, so start browsing any time now. With so many world-class piezo acoustic guitar pickups to choose from on today's market, you'll have no problem finding something to showcase your acoustic guitar talents at the peak of their powers.