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Guitar pickups have come a long way over the past 80 years, and for proof you don't need to look any further than this selection of Roland guitar pickups. Since 1972, Roland has stayed committed to providing musicians of all backgrounds and budgets with the equipment they need to make their musical creativity soar, and their unique guitar pickups are no exception. Give a look through this catalog and see for yourself what a Roland guitar pickup can do for your next live or studio performance.

Can you imagine a pickup that can capture individual signals for each string on your guitar? Thanks to Roland, you can do just that: the GK-3 guitar pickup is a top-selling, carefully-constructed unit that will transform your favorite axe into a monster synthesizer. By sending single string signals to GK-compatible devices, there's no telling what you can create with the GK-3 guitar pickup. The large GK knob is very easy to control while the selector switches allow you to move between synth, regular guitar tone and mixed settings. It also comes with cool accessories like double-sided tapes, a holder to keep the controller on your guitar's body and even a special pickup attachment plate for Les Paul-style axes. Easy to install and even easier to use, the GK-3 needs to be experienced to be truly believed.

If the GK-3 guitar pickup has piqued your interest, then you'll also want to check out the GK-KIT-GT3 GR-Synth Driver Kit. Everything needed to permanently install a GK-2A pickup onto your 6-string is included here, including a GK-2A Divided Pickup, the circuit board, switches, 13-pin connector, wired hardware and a power indicator LED. This driver kit can be used with the Roland V-Guitar System, GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer and BOSS GK Effects Pedals.

By now you've probably realized that Roland guitar pickups are anything but normal. These pickups are designed to broaden your playing horizons in ways you've never thought possible, and anyone who enjoys being musically adventurous owes it to themselves to give one a shot. At this point, we'll leave the ball in your court.