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Motivating yourself to practice is a lot easier when your stringed instrument is close by and in clear view, and that's why every musician should own a stand or wall hanger for their axe. With that that in mind, Peak Music Stands are very often the go-to choice of professional guitarists from around the world thanks to the great deal of time and effort they put into every stand and wall hanger they design. In fact, Peak Music Stands' section of stands and wall hangers even includes options for banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and violins.

It goes without saying, but obviously the right stand or wall hanger for you will depend on what stringed instrument you play, and whether or not you prefer something a little more compact in size. Take for example, The Dome Guitar Stand. Lightweight and easy to carry, this stand features an innovative shape that allows it to fold up instantly. Additionally, the rubber insoles will protect your guitar's finish, and it works with both acoustic and electric guitar models.

Now for those who play the banjo or mandolin, look no further than the ST-30 stand. Made of quality aluminum, this stand is height-adjustable, and it's also built with a neck restraint for additional security. While you're at it, be sure to also check out the SV-10 Violin/Ukulele Display Stand. One of Peak Music Stands best sellers, this stand takes no time to assemble, and it also features high-quality rubber that grips your violin or ukulele to cradle it in place.

Although it's important for every musician to own cases or gig bags, the simple truth is that musical instruments were meant to be played, and owning a stand or wall hanger will give you quicker accessibility to it. With that in mind, Peak Music Stands is dedicated to maintaining the well-being of your instrument when it's not being used, and their passion is evident in every stand and wall hanger they design.