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Guitar straps come in as many colors as guitars themselves - maybe even more. But sometimes a colorful strap isn't the right fit for your instrument and stage presence. Sometimes it's all about the shades of gray... literally, in this case. No, we're not talking about the underrated Billy Joel song; we're talking about gray guitar straps. The greatest strength of gray is that it's a neutral color, so it can look great with virtually any guitar. You could put one on a black or white instrument to complete a monochrome theme, or even choose one in a hue that matches your guitar's metal hardware. With a strap this versatile, the possibilities are endless.

Most of the gray guitar straps you'll find here are made of textiles like nylon or poly, though there are a few gray leather straps if that's what you're looking for - the Perri's 2.5" Distressed Leather Guitar Strap with Perforated Vents and Soft Leather Back, for example. Some of the options come with unique styling or design queues, such as the MONO M80 Betty Guitar Strap, which combines a neoprene layer with a memory foam core and eye-catching stitched lines to create a strap that feels as good as it looks (and it even has a hidden pocket for stashing your picks). There are branded gray straps too, like the Fender 2" Monogrammed Guitar Strap, that you can choose if you want to rep your favorite marque.

As much gray as there is in this section, one thing is definitely in black and white: that you can find a great guitar strap here to add to your collection. So if you're ready to set aside the colors and go for something a little more low-key, it's time to start browsing through some gray guitar straps and keeping your eyes peeled for the best one to fit your instrument and your personal tastes.