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When Ernie Ball enlisted in the Korean War back in 1949, there was no way he could've predicted how famed his name would become in the world of guitar strings. Widely acclaimed amongst the greatest guitar players of our time, Ernie Ball guitar strings can be found gracing the instruments of everyone from Jimmy Page to Tom Delong. And although the guitar string industry continues to grow larger by the day, Ernie Ball guitar strings consistently remain a first-rate choice thanks to their dedicated team of experienced crafters.

Guitar strings come in a wide variety of gauges and styles pertaining to different musical genres, as well as a person's individual playing characteristics. Whether you're looking for the perfect medium-light acoustic string or a powerful nickel-round electric guitar string, you can be sure that Ernie Ball has a set for you that's full of staying power, impeccable tone and ringing sustain.

Throughout Ernie Balls extensive catalog of guitar strings, you'll find everything from individual set packs to multiple-packs at incredibly affordable prices. One of Ernie Balls top rated string sets are the 2923 M-Steel Super Slinkey Electric guitar strings. With an increased output, strength, and frequency response, M-Steel Super Slinky electric guitar strings are made of a super alloy that's used in high-stress applications for the aerospace and defense industries. Super Slinkys are extremely popular, and after stringing your guitar with a set, you'll quickly understand why. For acoustic players, the Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze medium light acoustic guitar strings are corrosion resistant and have more projection compared to traditional bronze strings. Constructed with a blend of copper and aluminum, these strings have a pleasant feel, and they're really easy to install.

Guitar players are picky about the strings they use. In fact, far too often players tend to stick with a specific brand out of habit, not realizing that there are better options even more suitable to their playing style. With Ernie Ball, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're using a string with a reputation for being crafted with care and exceptional attention to clarity, tonality, and playability. Give them a try and experience the difference for yourself.