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There is a constant influx of new technology in the music world every year, and while advance-ment is a must, sometimes basics are just better. This is especially true in the world of guitar strings. While there are plenty of options available to performers, many agree that simple, plain guitar strings are not only the most cost effective option, but also the best.

Plain guitar strings are among the most common strings available today, so you’re sure to find a lot of different options to choose from. That being said, they are not all the same, and each of-fers enough unique characteristics that you’ll want to have a look at several options before mak-ing your final decision.

If you’re not entirely sure where to begin your search for plain guitar strings, you definitely can’t go wrong with our best sellers. An option like the Nickel Plain Single Guitar String from Ernie Ball, for example, is great because it offers you the option to stock up on individual strings. This is perfect for those who find they need to replace a specific string more often than others. With a great tone and consistent quality, these Ernie Ball strings are definitely worth spending some time with.

Another top option available here is the set of 510AJ Alliance Cantiga High Tension Guitar Strings from Savarez. These high tension strings are designed specifically for classical guitars, and offer impressively wide harmonics and a fantastic overtone spectrum. Their precise re-sponse, unbeatable sustain, and natural feel make these strings very popular amongst players of all skill levels.

It’s important that you always strive to keep your guitar sounding fresh with new strings. By re-placing your strings regularly, you’ll find that your playing will sound better than it ever has be-fore. Plain guitar strings will go a long way in helping performers of all styles sound their absolute best everywhere from the practice hall to the headliner slot.