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There are plenty of names that are legendary in the guitar world, but usually that level of renown comes from building instruments. It's not as often that a company makes a name for itself with strings exclusively. Rotosound, though, have managed to do just that. They arrived on the scene in the late 1950s with strings that sounded good enough to attract the attention of local British artists like Paul McCartney. And it didn't take long for Rotosound to go international, making their way over the years onto the guitars of a "who's who" list including Jimi Hendrix, Brian May and Cliff Burton.

Today, Rotosound is still family-owned and still making amazing guitar strings. Given the company's roots, their strings are definitely well suited to Brit-inspired genres and styles, but that's only the beginning. For the electric guitar, they've got a smorgasbord of excellent strings to offer, from the brilliant Roto Yellows to the balanced Roto Blues and meaty Roto Purples. Maybe the most distinctive strings in this lineup are the Roto Orange series, which are hybrid strings designed to put out unsurpassed tone for serious pro guitarists.

If you're looking for a new set of acoustic guitar strings, never fear: Rotosound has a selection of these that's just as robust as their electric options. You could try the polymer-coated Nexus series, for instance, if you like a string that's silky-smooth to the touch. Or, if silk is exactly what you want, take a look at the Rotosound Silk 'n Steel Classical Guitar Strings. These are just a few examples of Rotosound's acoustic string selection, which runs from the basic to the unique.

Whether you're going for British Invasion, vintage Hendrix, modern rock or smooth acoustic, there's definitely a set of Rotosound guitar strings for you. If you haven't already discovered why these strings have spent decades as the preferred choice for some of the world's greatest guitarists, maybe it's time to put a set on your own instrument and learn firsthand.