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There are a million different things that can impact the sound and tone of your guitar. One of the most notable of these factors is your choice of guitar string. Different strings produce different results, and among the wide variety of options available, tapewound strings stand out as one of the more popular options.

If you're unfamiliar with tapewound strings, let's get you caught up to speed. Tapewound strings feature an added layer of nylon tape wrapped around their outer wire wraps. Not only does this layer give your string a warm, almost mellow tone, it also helps prolong a string's life by serving as a protective barrier against the metal coming in contact with dust and corrosion. With a great sound and a long life, tapewound strings are a solid option for any guitarist looking to add varie-ty to their songs.

Of course, just because tapewound strings share similar characteristics, it doesn't mean they're not all unique in their own ways. It goes without saying that you'll find a lot of really great options here; it's just a matter of looking around and finding the ones that are best suited to you. If you're not sure where to begin your search, your best bet is probably to check out our top sellers. An op-tion like the EJ45 Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings 3-Pack, from D'Addario, for example, is per-fect for any serious classical guitarist. These strings are sorted and checked by incredibly sophis-ticated machines to ensure they meet the high standards D'Addario sets for each one of their products. Certain to help your playing stand out, these strings are definitely worth checking out.

Another popular option here is the set of J30 Rectified Classics Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings, also from D'Addario. These strings are well known for their transparent sound and very impressive projection. Perfect for the practice room as well as the main stage, a set of strings like these will grab a lot of attention.

Tapewound strings are a perfect addition to your guitar, especially if you're looking for a laid back sound that is full of character. Try some out for yourself and you're sure to agree.