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If you haven't heard of Applause guitars, chances are you've heard of their parent brand, Ovation. You might be wondering what the differences are between them, and the answer is "not much", which is a good thing. Applause guitars are designed to take all the amazing features that set Ovation apart and make them a bit more affordable for beginners and casual players. If you've been looking for the quality of an Ovation guitar but holding off for the sake of your pocketbook, an Applause guitar is the perfect solution.

So, what are the traits that set these guitars apart from others? The most important one is the curved back. Ovation's founder, Charles Kaman, was an aeronautical engineer before he went into the luthier business, and that gave him enough experience working with composite materials to design a guitar back unlike any other. You'll find those same bowl backs on the Applause series, which gives them fantastic volume and projection while making them easier and more comfortable than standard guitars to hold.

A great introduction to the Applause guitar lineup would be the Balladeer models. Built for beginners and intermediate guitarists, they've got a classic look on the front with the futuristic Lyrachord body in behind. Interested in an even more unique sound and style? Check out the Applause Elite Mid-Depth Bowl Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Its special soundhole pattern makes its tone extra clear and articulate, and since it's an acoustic-electric model, you can connect it to an amp or mixer when you want huge volume or an easy way to record your first demo tape.

Just like their Ovation cousins, Applause guitars are great examples of what you can get when you combine a passion for music with great technical know-how and craftsmanship. Great for new players, intermediate musicians or veteran strummers in need of a reliable "daily driver", these instruments have what it takes to carve their own special niche in the guitar scene.