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Empowering female musicians is what Daisy Rock is all about. In fact, their guitars were made specifically for women in an effort to "level the playing field". How do they do that? With lightweight designs, more accessible necks, and shapes that are more accommodating, these guitars are made to rock, and rock hard. Don’t be deceived by some of these guitars’ girlish appearances either, they’ll blow the roof off of any venue. From electric to acoustic-electric to purely acoustic options, the selection here gives you the full spectrum of Daisy Rock guitars. If you’re looking for your first guitar and are after something ultra-feminine, spend some time with the Debutante series. With guitars shaped like butterflies, hearts, stars, flowers and so much more, these instruments make an instant impression as soon as you step on the stage and strike that first cord. Bold, beautiful, but most importantly crafted to produce stunning tone, these entry-level guitars are extremely playable and super comfortable for smaller players. Because girls just want to have fun!

Are you looking to upgrade your current guitar? Then check out the Rock Candy Electric Guitar or the Wildwood Artist Deluxe Acoustic-Electric Guitar (depending on the type of instrument you are after). Both of these 6-strings sound and look absolutely incredible and were designed, as the Debutante series was, to suit smaller musicians. Whether you’re a professional player or someone just trying to take their play to the next level, these guitars will make sure you stand out.

Made to inspire, these guitars have done just that. Artists everywhere are picking up Daisy Rock guitars when they perform. Headliners like Avril Lavigne, Annie Clements of Sugarland, Hilary Duff and so many others all love what Daisy Rock guitars do for their sound. Not exclusively for women though, even some top male guitarists, like The Cure’s Robert Smith and David Ryder Prangley of Adam Ant, have strapped on a Daisy Rock. With a reputation for high-quality constructions and amazing tone, these guitars will continue taking the world by storm.