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Anyone with the drive and enthusiasm to learn the guitar deserves an instrument that's fun to play, and capable of providing them with years of musical enjoyment. It's for this reason that Hohner guitars are continuously trusted around the world. Known for their superior craftsmanship and high quality materials at an affordable price, Hohner guitars have a tone and feel unlike any other.

Like everything crafted by Hohner, their guitars are highly renowned and respected. In fact, many of today's most respected artists are proud users and endorsers of Hohner guitars, including blues strummer John Hammond, country-folk singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Fischer, and many others. Whether you're searching for the perfect classical nylon string or a superbly constructed dreadnought, you'll find what you're looking for courtesy of Hohner.

For a short scale classical, the Hohner 3/4 classical guitar is specifically designed for younger students. Consisting of a spruce top, and a nato back, sides and neck, this guitar is the perfect choice for novice musicians with big aspirations. In the dreadnought category, the Hohner HW220 guitar is more than capable of delivering the hefty amount of volume that dreadnoughts are so famous for. With its easy playability, stable tuning and fantastic intonation, this guitar is a great option for both intermediate and advanced players.

These days there is no shortage guitar brands to choose from. However, it's important to remember that not all guitars are created equally. You need to be positive that the guitar you're purchasing has been crafted by dedicated experts who take pride in giving you an instrument that's comfortable to fret, crisp in tone and durable in its construction. And whether you're a budding amateur or an experienced professional, you can bet that Hohner has the perfect guitar to suit your own skill level, physical traits and playing style.