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Great artists borrow from the past. And when it comes to guitars, Italia guitars are the perfect example. By putting a modern spin on a retro style, Italia guitars are unlike any other electric guitar on the market. If you're a guitarist who wants a strong, ringing sound that demands to be heard as well as seen, then you're looking for an Italia guitar. Easy to play, and easy on the eyes, Italia guitars are capable of sounds that simply can't be pulled off by guitars with more traditional set ups. The electronics are solid, their necks is astoundingly smooth on the fingers, and their fit and finish are consistently immaculate. These guitars are not only crafted with unbelievable precision and attention to detail, but they're available at a price that's easily affordable.

There are so many top rated guitars in the Italia catalog, it's near impossible to single out just one to suit every player. For example, if you're a player who wants a cool bursting look with two-tone sound, then the Italia Mondial ll is the instrument for you. This jazzy, semi-hollow electric guitar has a tobacco sunburst, mahogany body and neck, and makes for an amazing playing experience, both at home or onstage. Another slick axe that comes highly recommended is the Italia Maranello SP electric guitar. Complete with a korina body and a set-in maple neck, this guitar features a race car design, two WHHB Wilkinson humbucker pickups with a 3-way selection toggle, and it sounds great for both lead and rhythm roles.

Unique, high in quality, and easily affordable. It's not hard to see why musicians all over the world claim that Italia guitars are the best guitars they've ever played and owned. When you purchase an Italia guitar, you'll never want to let it go; and rest assured, it will give you a lifetime of musical enjoyment.