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Finely-made Spanish guitars have a certain undeniable level of beauty, not only in how they sound, but also in the way they look and feel. When you hold a Manuel Rodriguez guitar for the first time, you'll definitely get an instant impression of the quality and craftsmanship that went into building the instrument. With something to offer for every skill level, Manuel Rodriguez has the classical guitar for you whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out. The roots of this luthier go over a century back, to 1887, when Manuel Rodriguez was born to a family of flamenco lovers. Music was his life from the beginning, and he grew up to become an excellent guitarist. That led the young Manuel to take up building his own guitars as a hobby, and he found it so rewarding that he made it his life's work. Today, the company that still bears his name is devoted to continuing what Manuel Rodriguez started.

If you're a beginner to classical guitar, the Caballero 11 Cedar Top Classical Guitar would make a great choice for your first instrument. It fits easily into any budget and offers an impressive list of features, like a solid Canadian cedar soundboard and Indian rosewood fingerboard with long-lasting silver-plated frets. For advanced and professional guitarists, consider a model like the Manual Rodriguez FF Cutaway Cypress Classical Acoustic-electric Guitar. This is a gorgeous instrument with an incredible combination of woods and tonewoods. The FF is meticulously handcrafted inside and out, and it really shows: it's not just a guitar - it's a work of art.

Ever since Manuel Rodriguez went into business in 1905, guitarists everywhere have sought after and respected instruments with that name on the headstock. It's no secret as to why. These are some of the most beautifully-made classical and flamenco guitars ever built, and each one is an absolutely worthwhile addition to your instrument collection.