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For those who are seeking a unique guitar playing experience, you've definitely come to the right place. RainSong Guitars are championed around the world for their exceptional balance and easy playability. Whether you're an amateur enthusiast or a touring professional, it's easy to get completely immersed in your music with a guitar from RainSong.

From the warm lows to the ringing highs, RainSong Guitars have a pure carbon tone that's crystal-clear, and a projection that's only strengthened by their lack of bracing, which the all-graphite construction eliminates the need for. In fact, RainSong Guitars are the first-all graphite acoustic guitars ever built, which is just one of their innovations.

Within RainSong's catalog of options, you'll find an impressive variety of guitar types. Looking for a solid dreadnought for your next singer-songwriters' circle? Check out the Hybrid Series H-DR1100N2 acoustic. Containing all of the high-tech materials that makes RainSong Guitars so distinct, this beauty produces crystal-clear treble, powerful bass, and its loud voice makes it ideal for bands who have banjos and mandolins to compete with in volume. Need an acoustic-electric for your next coffee-house performance? Try the Black Ice Series BI-WS1000N2. This stunning graphite acoustic-electric has a carefully crafted cutaway body with a shape that's suitable for a wide range of musical situations. Plus, it's also lightweight, making it a pleasant guitar to hold even while you're standing up.

RainSong is also well-known for their classical guitars, and the NP12 Nylon String acoustic-electric is a true work of art with a full and rich sound. Consisting of 12 frets, a carbon/glass hybrid body, and top-quality Fishman electronics, this short-scale parlor is actually a "crossover" instrument, allowing steel string guitarists to enjoy the softer feel and tone that a nylon string offers.

As a musician, it's easy to get inspired when you have an instrument that sounds as great as it feels. Of course, owners of RainSong guitars are all too familiar with that. Made of the finest woods and materials, RainSong Guitars are the perfect answer for anyone who has a strong passion for playing.