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Meinl Hand Percussion

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  1. Meinl Turbo Cabasas
    Meinl Turbo Cabasas
    Product Price $19.99
  2. Meinl 4-Piece Egg Shaker Set with Soft to Extra Loud Volumes
    Product Price $8.99
  3. Meinl Wood Guiro with Scraper
    Meinl Wood Guiro with Scraper
    Product Price $29.99
  4. Meinl Foot Cabasa
    Meinl Foot Cabasa
    Product Price $169.99
  5. Meinl Luis Conte Double Live Shaker
    Meinl Luis Conte Double Live Shaker
    Product Price $14.99
  6. Meinl Finger Castanets Pair
    Meinl Finger Castanets Pair
    Product Price $18.99
  7. Meinl Rainstick
    Meinl Rainstick
    Product Price $14.99
  8. Meinl Plastic Egg Maracas
    Meinl Plastic Egg Maracas
    Product Price $6.99
  9. Meinl Turbo Guiro
    Meinl Turbo Guiro
    Product Price $29.99
  10. Meinl Bamboo Rainstick
    Meinl Bamboo Rainstick
    Product Price $29.99
  11. Meinl Rattan Caxixi
    Meinl Rattan Caxixi
    Product Price $12.99
  12. Meinl Skin Maracas
    Meinl Skin Maracas
    Product Price $19.99
  13. Meinl Wood Birds Pod Rattle with Handle
    Product Price $39.99
  14. Meinl Professional Finger Cymbals
    Meinl Professional Finger Cymbals
    Product Price $29.99
  15. Meinl Egg Shaker
    Meinl Egg Shaker
    Product Price $2.99
  16. Meinl Wood Frog Hand Percussion Instrument
    Product Price $19.99
  17. Meinl Artist Series Luis Conte Stadium Shaker
    Product Price $14.99
  18. Meinl Aluminum Jingle Shaker
    Meinl Aluminum Jingle Shaker
    Product Price $19.99
  19. Meinl Foot Shaker
    Meinl Foot Shaker
    Product Price $12.99
  20. Meinl Guira Scraper
    Meinl Guira Scraper
    Product Price $8.99
  21. Meinl The Night Cricket Sound Effect
    Meinl The Night Cricket Sound Effect
    Product Price $29.99
  22. Meinl Motion Shaker
    Meinl Motion Shaker
    Product Price $8.99
  23. Meinl Galaxy Percussion Instrument
    Meinl Galaxy Percussion Instrument
    Product Price $49.99
  24. Meinl Jingle Stick
    Meinl Jingle Stick
    Product Price $19.99
  25. Meinl Spark Shaker
    Meinl Spark Shaker
    Product Price $19.99
  26. Meinl African Hollow-Body Claves
    Meinl African Hollow-Body Claves
    Product Price $26.99
  27. Meinl Headliner Jingle Stick
    Meinl Headliner Jingle Stick
    Product Price $9.99
  28. Meinl Studio Shaker
    Meinl Studio Shaker
    Product Price $14.99
  29. Meinl Wood Waterfall
    Meinl Wood Waterfall
    Product Price $59.99
  30. Meinl Rattan Double Shaker
    Meinl Rattan Double Shaker
    Product Price $29.99
  31. Meinl Headed Spark Shaker
    Meinl Headed Spark Shaker
    Product Price $19.99
  32. Meinl Luis Conte Double Studio Shaker
    Meinl Luis Conte Double Studio Shaker
    Product Price $14.99
  33. Meinl Classic Wood Claves
    Meinl Classic Wood Claves
    Product Price $7.95
  34. Meinl Cajon Foot Castanet
    Meinl Cajon Foot Castanet
    Product Price $19.99
  35. Meinl Aluminum Octagonal Shaker
    Meinl Aluminum Octagonal Shaker
    Product Price $14.99
  36. Meinl Percussion Heel Shaker
    Meinl Percussion Heel Shaker
    Product Price $12.99
  37. Meinl Medium Baltic Birch Wood Shaker with Exotic Zebrano Top
    Product Price $16.99
  38. Meinl Fiberglass Guiro with Scraper
    Meinl Fiberglass Guiro with Scraper
    Product Price $49.99
  39. Meinl PM3BK Plastic Maracas
    Meinl PM3BK Plastic Maracas
    Product Price $10.99
  40. Meinl Mini Turbo Cabasa with Stainless Steel Cylinder
    Product Price $16.99
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Drummers and percussionists from around the globe are more than familiar with what Meinl can do for their performance. Since 1951, Meinl has been inspiring players of all styles and skills levels with an ever-growing line of musical tools, and that includes offering an impressive variety of hand percussion instruments as well. From shakers and rattles to slapsticks, guiros and even rainsticks, every musical gadget in Meinl's catalog is made by experts who use only the finest materials and components.

One of the best things about hand percussion instruments is that you don't need to be a musical prodigy to play them. In fact, many of the devices found in this section can easily be found in elementary school music classes across the country. After all, everyone deserves a chance to make music, and whether you're a parent who wants to nurture their child's abilities or a producer who's layering additional tracks in the studio, Meinl has something for everyone.

It's not hard to tell how trusted the Meinl name is. All you have to do is check out their many top-rated items and best sellers, and a great place to start is with the Luis Conte double live shaker. Featuring two individual plastic shakers that are connected together, this compact yet loud percussion tool has been designed to Conte's exact specifications. Versatile and responsive, the Luis Conte double live shaker is ideal for small venues and jazz clubs. Or, maybe a new set of maracas is what you're after... in which case, go with the Plastic Egg black maracas. With their clear and crisp tone, comfortable handle and loud sound, these maracas are lightweight, and suitable for both amateur and professional applications.

Of course, Meinl's selection of hand percussion instruments goes well beyond the two excellent choices mentioned above, so be sure to take a look through the rest of their catalog. Whatever you choose, you can bet that Meinl's reputation for stunning workmanship and pristine sound quality is apparent in everything they craft.
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