Just like your music, headphones are a very personal thing. You might use them for recording, concentrating while at work or simply for the enjoyment of listening to your favorite tunes. Each of these distinct applications can be enhanced by very different functions and design elements. Any musician will know that Nady is an innovative, trusted name in the audio world and, whether you're in the market for headphones to use in the studio or on the go, Nady has a wide selection of options to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

If you're looking to keep external sound out, the Nady QH-30NC Noise-Canceling Headphones are a solid option you may want to consider. They eliminate unwanted ambient noise from your music, so you can listen undisturbed in noisy environments. They even fold up, making them ideal for travelling and flying.

Another option for those working alone or at home is the Nady QH560 Deluxe Studio Headphones. The headband is self-adjustable to comfortably fit most heads and the ear cups are covered in cloth for comfort. They're also designed with open backs for a more natural, larger sound that's great for studio reference.

Your headphones themselves aren't the only consideration when listening to audio for reference or enjoyment, which is why Nady also offers amps. The Nady HPA-8 - 8-Channel Headphone Amplifier is a rack-mountable unit that boasts 8 separate channels, making it perfect for recording applications. Each channel consists of a level dial and a headphone output, while the 3 input channels allow you to distribute 1 input to all headphones of group them, making them great for home recording.

These are just a few of the many headphone and headphone accessory options Nady has designed to complement their other audio products and satisfy the needs of musicians and music-lovers everywhere. When you try them, you're sure to hear the difference for yourself.

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