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There are two things which matter most when you're choosing a microphone: finding a manufacturer that really knows what they're doing, and getting the right mic for your individual needs. The good news is that those conditions aren't so hard to meet, and the even better news is that you're already in the right place to do it. Audio-Technica headset microphone wireless systems are backed up by decades of mic-building experience, and when you need great hands-free sound quality, they're second to none.

Of course, the basic reason for wireless headset microphones is to take handling out of the equation altogether: just put one on, and it'll do its job for the rest of the gig while leaving your hands free for dancing, playing instruments or whatever you like to do onstage. But that simple approach doesn't mean they're all the same, either. There are still a few questions to ask that will affect your choice.

The first question is "how small do you want to go?" Are you looking for a headset mic that's so discreet it becomes virtually invisible when you're wearing it? If so, start by looking at Audio-Technica's 2000 and 3000-series headworn wireless microphones. They're serious performance-grade equipment with high-end transmitters and modern, low-key designs that won't stand out. If you'd just like something straightforward and accessible, though, you may prefer the System 8, System 9 or System 10 headsets instead. They're perfect for smaller, more casual gigs and are easy to fit into a tight budget.

Whichever option is right for you, the takeaway for this whole section is that you can always rely on Audio-Technica headset microphone wireless systems to live up to AT's award-winning reputation. What this lineup of mics proves above all else is that Audio-Technica knows how to deliver excellent hardware in any form factor. When your needs call for wireless headsets, you're off to a great start right here.