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JBE Pickups Humbucker Pickups

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The people at JBE Pickups are firmly convinced that they make the best pickups on the planet - they're even confident enough to come right out and say so! And while guitar pickups are a matter of taste and no two musicians are the same, there's no doubt they've satisfied their fair share of musicians who agree with them. Take Bruce Springsteen for instance: he's a definite headliner from the roster of artists who trust their tone to JBE Pickups, and if you're ready to join that list of guitarists, then your ticket to entry could be waiting here in the selection of JBE Pickups humbucker pickups. With boutique visuals to match their excellent tone, these are humbuckers that really do sound as good as they look.

There are several options here to choose from, so finding the right fit for you is going to start with narrowing those down a little. Step one: make sure it's a design that will fit on your guitar in the first place. For example, if you play a Fender Jaguar, check out the JBE Pickups (Barden) JAG Style Guitar Bridge Pickup for Jaguar. Or to get a more universal fit that can go on a wide variety of instruments, consider something like the JBE Pickups (Barden) S-Deluxe HB Bridge Humbucker or its slightly upgraded cousin, the JBE Pickups (Barden) HB Two/Tone Neck Pickup. Want a drop-in replacement for both positions in a guitar with standard mini-humbucker wiring? The JBE Pickups (Barden) HB Mini Humbucker Guitar Bridge and Neck Pickup Set has you covered.

When you've had a chance to put JBE Pickups humbucker pickups to work on your own instrument, you just might find yourself agreeing that they're the best pickups around. You wouldn't be the first or the last musician to do so, but don't let that stop you from pairing them up with your personal suite of effects and amps to create a signature tone that's exclusive to you - that's what guitar pickups are for, after all!