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Lace Humbucker Pickups

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When Don Lace Sr. founded Lace Pickups in 1979, his goal of "solving complex problems and developing solutions for the equipment used in everyday music," may have seemed pretty lofty, but for Lace it wasn't. By the late 80s, he had perfected a single rectangular-shaped sensor that fit under the strings of a guitar and the rest is history. With a focus on creating guitar pickups that are cutting edge, while still capturing the vintage sound and soul of live music, Lace Pickups has established themselves as a serious player on the music circuit and their humbucking pickups are a prime example of this deep dedication to innovation and design. Read on to see how Lace humbucking pickups can open your eyes (and ears) to a whole new world of sound possibility.

Let's kick things off by checking out a few of Lace's best-selling humbucker pickups. Take the Lace Sensor Hot Gold 13K Dually Humbucker Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup, for example. This Dually humbucker pickup is made by combining two of Lace's Sensor Hot Gold single coil bridge pickups. The 13k resistance in the hot bridge is exactly what you need to power those blistering stage studios and hard-rockin' riffs.

Speaking of hard rock, if you're here for a pickup that was made for metal musicians, the Lace Alumitone Deathbucker Pickup is a top pick for sure. An excellent choice for any stage or studio application, the Deathbucker boasts extreme output with a booming bottom end that can be compared to the sound of thunder looming on the horizon. Its crisp highs are nothing to laugh at either, so if you want to get aggressive with sound, strap this bad boy onto your favorite axe and get started.

The best way to get familiar with Lace and all their offerings is to fully immerse yourself in these product pages, so feel free to dig deeper at any time. Whether you're searching for a signature set of pickups like the Brent Hinds' Signature Hammer Claws Guitar Pickup Set, a top-seller like the Finger Burner Humbucker Guitar Pickup Set, or a pickup suited specifically to drop "D" tunings like the Drop and Gain Humbucker Pickup, you're going to find what you're looking for (and probably more) in this impressive catalog of Lace humbucker pickups.