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In the jazz world, you'd be hard-pressed to find a musician who isn't familiar with George Benson. A child prodigy, Benson started his career as a jazz guitarist at age 21 and soon found himself topping the charts with a unique picking style that altered between R&B, jazz and pop stylings. In addition to his incredible talents, George is also known for his collaborations with Ibanez. In fact, Ibanez George Benson guitars are the result of a skillful team of luthiers who (under Benson's direction) use the finest woods and components to create instruments worthy of his musicianship.

So which guitar should you begin your search with? Pick and choose! Honestly, any one of the models here will have you one step closer to capturing George's distinctive tone. For example, the top-rated LGB30 is loaded with Super 58 Custom pickups for a smooth sound that's also capable of producing a gritty blues growl. It also features an ebony fretboard with Artstar fret edge treatment for fluid left-hand fingering and comes with a wood and adjustable metal bridge. Once you pick up this gorgeous hollowbody, you'll have a hard time putting it down.

Another beauty to consider is the GB Series GB10SE. A best seller, this archtop boasts a comfortably narrow size and is highlighted by a strong GB 3-piece maple set-in neck. Equipped with 2 GB Special mini-humbuckers that are mounted to the pickguard, the GB10SE has extremely low feedback even at high volumes, so you'll have no problem achieving Benson's creamy sound.

And for all you collectors who want the best of the best, check out the private reserve section where you might find the GB10 George Benson Hollowbody Electric - a masterpiece that will make any guitar connoisseur drool. When an iconic guitar player partners with a legendary guitar maker, Ibanez George Benson guitars are the result. Make no mistake, the 6-strings in this catalog were made with serious performers in mind.