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Ever since Jake Bowen joined the band in 2007, Periphery has depended on his stellar guitar work to drive their progressive sound. And of course, it goes without saying that Jake depends on his guitar to make it happen. So it's no surprise that he picked up an endorsement deal from Ibanez, one of the patron luthiers of the metal genre. His signature models are the JBM Series, based on the RG design, and in this lineup of Ibanez Jake Bowen electric guitars, you'll find some amazing instruments whether you want to follow in Jake's djent footsteps or experiment with your own distinctive style based on his favorite guitar specifications.

All three guitar models in this section are loaded with the same pickups: Jake's signature DiMarzio Titans. Beyond that, choosing the best one for your needs and playing style depends on what you're looking for - and on your budget, of course. The casual and weekend warrior-friendly design is the Ibanez Jake Bowen Signature JBM Series JBM20 Electric Guitar, which offers a 3-piece maple wizard-style neck and an Edge Zero II bridge, among other goodies. There's also a seven-string variant, the JBM27. On the other hand, maybe you really want to take things to the next level? In that case, check out the JBM100, which brings upgrades across the board including the addition of bubinga to the neck and swapping out the Edge bridge for a signature Titan setup.

A truly great guitar is one that you can't pin down to just one thing: it needs the versatility to handle just about any kind of music you'd ever ask it for. And that's definitely something you'll get from Ibanez Jake Bowen electric guitars. Not only do they have the hard-hitting chops to pull off his aggressive style; they're also ready for more traditional sounds, and of course, they'll play nicely with all your favorite effects pedals and amps. All in all, what you make of your JBM Series guitar is up to you - so don't be afraid to give it a shot!