Ibanez Joe Satriani Electric Guitars

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Who could be even more impressive than guitarists like Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett and Alex Skolnick? How about the instructor who trained them! Those are just a few of the guitar heroes Joe Satriani taught early in his career, and it's a tough call to say whether any of the students have surpassed the master. Not that it matters, of course, because the more great guitarists there are in the world, the better. And since every musician relies on having the right instrument to back him or her up, that means lots of amazing guitars as well. This lineup of Ibanez Joe Satriani electric guitars is the product of years of collaboration between Satriani and Ibanez, and each one is like its own individual tribute to his work.

Joe Satriani's signature Ibanez is the JS model, so variations on that design are what you can expect to find in this section. For starters, there's the basic Ibanez JS140 Joe Satriani Signature Electric Guitar, which comes loaded with the Edge Zero II tremolo bridge, a pair of powerful humbuckers ad a basswood body - plus a price tag that's weekend-warrior friendly. On the other hand, maybe you want to take things up a notch: in that case, how about the JS2410 or JS2450? These up the ante with Satriani's signature DiMarzio pickups, upgraded electronics, alder bodies and more (plus a level of craftsmanship that goes above and beyond). Or, if you're looking for an economical way to get your hands on some premium JS Series features, try the JS24P Joe Satriani Signature Electric Guitar on for size.

Naturally, the features are only part of what makes a great axe, and there's a lot more to Ibanez Joe Satriani electric guitars than the Mo' Joe, PAF Joe and Chopper pickups, or even the Edge tremolo. They've also got their own signature neck profile, for instance, to give them a playing feel based on Satriani's own specifications. And of course, they're well-rounded instruments you can use for virtually any genre or playing style. So whether you're looking to become the next Joe Satriani or just searching for a guitar that can kick your creativity into high gear, you've come to the right place.