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With names like Miles Davis, Phil Lesh and Jaco Pastorius on his resume, John Scofield is a respected name in the music industry. An American jazz-rock legend, Scofield's guitar talents has earned him the status of a legend and his collaboration with Ibanez resulted in some stunning instrument creations. Browse through this selection of Ibanez John Scofield guitars and see for yourself; painstakingly created by master luthiers under Scofield's guidance, these gorgeous semi-hollowbodies are clearly made for discerning collectors and performers with serious musical ambitions.

While either one of the Ibanez John Scofield guitars that sit in these pages merit your consideration, it's definitely in your best interest to think about your current budget and aesthetic preferences before making any quick decisions. On the more affordable side of things is the JSM10; sporting a vintage yellow sunburst finish, solid sapele neck and ebony fingerboard, this top-selling semi-hollowbody is as much a treat on the eyes as it is on the ears. Speaking of which, the Super 58 Custom neck humbucker on the JSM10 offers an impressive array of tones that will have you exploring your guitar skills in a myriad of ways.

After your finished fawning over the JSM10, turn your attention over to the JSM100VT. Building off the excellence of John Scofield's AS200 guitar, this enhanced version is a real work-of-art. Highlighted by a vintage sunburst color, Prestige neck for fast playability, Super 58 bridge and neck pickups and the original '70s AS/AR headstock design, this guitar delivers a thick and sweet sound to perfectly match its attractive design.

From funks and blues to soul and jazz-fusion, John Scofield is well-versed, which is why he needs a guitar that was built with his intricate playing abilities in mind. Of course, Ibanez has answered his call on more than one occasion and the beautiful 6-strings in this section make that obvious. With one of these Ibanez John Scofield guitars in your hands, you'll have no problem reaching your highest level of musical potential.