Ibanez Talman Acoustic Guitars

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While some guitar companies prefer to play it safe, Ibanez is constantly looking to reinvent the wheel. Case in point: Ibanez Talman acoustic guitars. Boasting a double-cutaway body, the Talman is ideal for musicians who favor the style of an electric but want to add a killer acoustic to their collection. In this selection, you'll come across an impressive variety of Talman acoustic guitars. Whether you're laying down tracks in the studio or hitting the festival stage circuit, there's an Ibanez Talman here to make you excited about showcasing your music.

Unless you came here with something specific in mind, we'll suggest getting your feet wet by first checking out the Talman TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Highlighted by its lightning-fast neck and easy access to every fret, this popular guitar delivers a stunning acoustic tone but plays similar to an electric model. As its title suggests, the TCY10 is also equipped with a bridge pickup and electronics to accurately capture its natural acoustic sound and amplify it for an audience to enjoy.

Another top-rated Talman is the TCM50. It features a figured ash top, beautiful transparent finish, multiple bound body and sleek cutaway design. This guitar also produces a warm projection with just enough bite thanks to the onboard AP2 magnetic soundhole pick (including 2-band EQ for playing through an amp). From garage rehearsals to small-venue gigs to studio sessions, you'll have no problem turning heads when you're playing the TCM50.

While you're at it, be sure to take a look at the Talman TCM50NT Acoustic-Electric Guitar - a top-selling workhorse that perfectly balances the richness of an acoustic with the playability of an electric. There's no two ways about it - Ibanez Talman acoustic guitars are true rebels without a cause and further evidence that Ibanez is not slowing down anytime soon when it comes to instrument innovation.