Intermediate Oboes

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The oboe is a perfect example of an instrument that has stood the test of time. Oboes have been around since the middle ages, descended from an ancient instrument called the "shawm", which stands for "high wood". Today's intermediate oboes have greatly improved in material and design, making them a woodwind instrument of choice for beginner and advanced players around the world. In this section, you'll find high quality instruments in a wide range of price ranges and styles. A half-step between student and professional oboes, these choices may be exactly what you're looking for.

The most important deciding factor in finding your perfect oboe usually comes down to skill level. If you've been playing for a few years and are ready to trade in your beginner model, consider the popular Selmer Model 122F Intermediate Oboe. Featuring a smooth grenadilla wood body, silver plated keys and a range of keys to low Bb, this versatile instrument offers a warm, consistent tone you can rely on.

In your search for the perfect oboe, you'll notice many of them border on professional level, like the Buffet Crampon Model 4052 Intermediate Oboe. This instrument is made from grenadilla wood as well, and features a full conservatory system with minimal frills. Another good choice is the Fox Renard Model 335 Artist Oboe, the brand's most popular all-wood model due to its excellent tone quality, resonance, intonation and durability. Both of these oboes are designed to accommodate your growth in confidence and technique.

There are many other outstanding intermediate oboes to consider in this lineup. Take some time to narrow down the selection using the search filters and read customer reviews from players with similar goals in mind. Whatever your top priority is for an instrument, be it price point, playing style, materials or something else, with some reading and research, you should be able to find it here.