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Intermediate Piccolos

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Learning an instrument doesn't happen overnight. It's a gradual and rewarding process that takes plenty of time to see through from start to finish. And with this in mind, it goes without saying that a musician doesn't go from beginner to expert without a few stepping stones in between. For a piccolo player who's ready to advance beyond his or her first instrument but not quite at the advanced level yet, one of those stepping stones is likely waiting for you in this lineup of intermediate piccolos. They're about as easy as a beginner piccolo to play, but with several added refinements that bring the feel and sound a little closer to professional tier.

A quick look through the selection is enough to see that intermediate piccolos are readily available from the same brands that make the other grades as well. Gemeinhardt is one good example, and their Model 4PSH Piccolo is an excellent starting point for your consideration. Its highlights include a solid silver head and a durable plastic body, topped by silver-plated keys that feel great thanks to their beryllium copper springs. Or would you prefer this instrument in metal instead? If so, check out the Gemeinhardt Model 4SH Piccolo - it shares a lot in common with the 4PSH, but has a silver-plated body instead of plastic. Maybe you're looking for the closest intermediate piccolo to a professional model? In that case, a grenadilla model like the Jupiter Intermediate Piccolo might be the way to go: this instrument can handle advanced-level work in a pinch, despite being designed for intermediate musicians.

Choosing the best fit from this selection of intermediate piccolos doesn't have to be a chore - just think about what you want in an instrument and start narrowing down your options from there. Whether you decide on the maintenance-free reliability of a plastic piccolo, the flute-like character of a metal one or the classic look, feel and sound of grenadilla, there's an intermediate model built to suit. And once you've got it in your hands, you'll be well-equipped to take your skills to the next level.