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As technology advances, it is important that DJs advance with it. It is no longer just about two turntables, a mixer and a microphone. With iOS DJ gear, you can take your DJing experience to new levels with help from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The best thing about iOS DJ gear is that it can be a perfect complement to your existing system or a standalone addition. Take, for example, the iPad Karaoke System with CD&G from The Singing Machine. This completely portable karaoke device can help get any party started. With the ability to stream music from any Bluetooth-compatible device, everyone will be able to take a shot at singing their heart out to kick off the night. If you’re looking to get a quick dance party going, the Mobile DJ Portable Speaker for iPhone or iPod from Numark is worth looking into. This system allows you to plug in two iOS devices and easily crossfade between them for seamless segue from one favorite track to another. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for even more control over your DJing experience, you’ll want to check out the iDJ Pro Premium DJ Controller for iPad from Numark. This system seamlessly integrates with your iPad and its available apps, giving you an intuitive, flexible DJ system. Additionally, this system can take advantage of your iPad’s wireless capability, giving you access to any song in your song library almost instantly. Regardless of what the plan is, this system will definitely be able to handle it. iOS DJ gear is an invaluable addition to any professional or amateur DJs collection. Whether you are getting friends together for a fun time or setting up to rock the party in a venue large or small, iOS DJ gear can keep your music spinning all night long.