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If you're a person who has a serious interest in audio, it should go without saying that a subwoofer is going to be an integral part of your setup. By powering the bass, subwoofers allow you to really get the low end rumbling. Whether it's a presentation or a live performance, subwoofers can make your dreams of taking your show to new heights a reality. Because subwoofers are so important for your sound system, it only seems natural that you'd want to purchase one from a brand with a reputation that is centered on quality and innovation. That's where JBL comes into the mix. For several decades now, JBL has been at the forefront of audio technology. Respected by their peers, JBL users are known for being especially fond of the JRX series, which gets high marks everywhere these speakers are installed.

The JRX series of speakers are designed to deliver all the performance power that JBL is known for at a price point that is shockingly affordable. JBL achieves this by sticking strictly to the fundamentals. They look carefully at the subwoofers to see which components are needed to make them sound their best, and they remove the frivolous bells and whistles. What this leaves you with is subwoofer that can really crank it out and is exceptionally easy to setup and use.

When you're looking at the JRX Series from JBL, it only makes sense that you're going to gravitate towards the JRX118SP 18" Powered Subwoofer. This 18" powerhouse is renowned for its simplicity and astounding low frequency support. It features dual inputs with balanced XLR and a stereo crossover network which makes it useful with systems that feature EON or powered satellite speakers. With power, versatility, and durability, this subwoofer really is everything you could need.

The subwoofer can make or break any sound system, so going with the best just makes sense. An option from the JBL JRX Series is going to give you all the power you need without draining your funds, so you can really crank it up!