JBL PRX Series

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With 2016 marking its 70th anniversary, JBL can certainly say they've been in the loudspeaker business for a long time. And in that time they've shown their talents by building some of the most widely-used PA speakers for decades running. Today, the tradition is alive and well with models like the JBL PRX Series, which includes their mainstream speakers for professional applications. From live sound reinforcement and stage monitoring to installed systems in clubs, rehearsal halls, ballrooms and more, JBL PRX Series speakers are right at home anywhere that musicians and DJs perform or recorded music is played to eager audiences.

To help yourself find the best cabinets for your needs, start by deciding whether to go for powered or passive speakers. Powered (or "active") models, like the JBL PRX712 12" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker System, have internal amplification built-in so they can function from low-powered audio sources without the need for a standalone amplifier. And they run the gamut of speaker varieties and sizes, including an LFE in the PRX718XLF 18" Powered Extended Low-Frequency Subwoofer and a double set of woofers in the PRX725 Dual 15" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker System.

While all the speakers in the PRX700 line are powered, their cousins in the PRX400 roster are passive. JBL offers just as much variety here, of course, with the PRX418S Compact 18" Subwoofer and the PRX425 15" 2-Way Loudspeaker System, as well as standard PA speakers in 12" and 15" woofer sizes. These speakers rely on a discrete amplifier system in the backend to support them, but in return you get the ability to choose that amp hardware yourself, and the speakers are more reliable and affordable thanks to having fewer components inside.

Either type of loudspeaker is a great choice, and picking out the right ones for your venue or mobile setup depends on the specifics of your system and the space. Choose from active or passive based on your hardware configuration, and get your speakers in the size and number that the environment requires. Still not sure where to start? Try reading some reviews or checking out the best-selling and top-rated models for a little bit of inspiration to kick off the search!