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About Kemper:

Imagine being able to play a wide range of different amps all from one convenient lunchbox-sized device? Thanks to the cutting-edge technological wizards at Kemper, you now can. By allowing you to digitally seize the sound of any amp model, Kemper has given musicians the opportunity to take multiple amps on tour or to the studio without any excess bulk or weight. Already, artists ranging from Blink 182's Mark Hoppus to Deep Purple's Steve Morse are singing the praises of Kemper's amplifiers, and you'll quickly understand why after trying one yourself.

Within this section you'll find multiple versions of the Profiler that are suitable to different applications. Of course, if you're still not familiar with what Kemper has to offer, your best bet is to start your search with the original Profiling Amplifier. Created by professional guitarists, engineers, and producers from around the world, the Profiler gives you classic tones of studio standards, and even many hard-to-find amps. You can download rigs online from fellow Profiler users, make profiles from your own gear and share them with others... you name it. Portable and easy to use, the Profiling Amplifier is a true testament to how much musicians have benefitted from technology's continuous advancements.

Now if it's something more rackmountable that you want, then your obvious winner is the Profiler Rackmount Guitar Amplifier. Loaded with 30 stompbox effects and storage space for over 1000 profiles, this model even gives you the option to capture the sound of your cab and mics. Additionally, it can be fed through a full-range monitor system, and the master effects section includes delay and reverb. Overall, the Profiler Rackmount is just another example of Kemper's dedication to innovation.

And your choices don't stop there. In fact, Kemper also offers a soft carry bag to keep the Profiling Amplifier protected anywhere you take it. Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that Kemper has constructed these unique amps with the needs of serious musicians in mind through every step of the process.