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How can you be sure that your keyboard is out of harm's way when you're not playing it? The answer is quite simple... keep it safeguarded in a case from SKB. Why SKB? Because since 1977, they've been continuously building a reputation amongst musicians for providing cases that are built with ultra-high molecular polyethylene, and first-class hardware. In fact, their cases are even used in the military, so you can bet that your keyboard is receiving the protection it deserves, anywhere you take it.

When you've put so much time and effort into being the best keyboardist you can be, it only makes sense to take care of the instrument you're performing with, and it's for this reason why the case you store it in should be chosen wisely; of course, if you made it to this section, you're certainly on the right path. The only thing you need to do now is match your keyboard with the appropriate case. For example, if you play a 61-key model, then check out the SKB-4214W. Boasting a foam interior, locking security latches, and built-in wheels, this case is a perfect way to transport your 61-note keyboard to and from performances.

Now, for those who play 49 keys, SKB has just what you need. Lightweight and airtight, the Waterproof Injection Molded 49-Key Keyboard Case features a patented "trigger release" latch system, TSA approved locks, and a snap-down rubber-over-molded cushion grip handle. Not to mention, it's UV, solvent, corrosion, and fungus resistant, making this case an excellent option for any 49-note keyboardist.

And your choices certainly don't stop at those two cases. There's even cases for 76- and 88-key models as well, so be sure to check out SKB's entire selection, and throughout your search, remember that a case from SKB is more than capable of maintaining the quality of your beloved instrument.