Keyboard Expansion Boards

What could be better than your favorite keyboard or synthesizer? How about that same keyboard with even more features and functionality thanks to an add-in module! Customization allows you to make an instrument truly your own, and this selection of keyboard expansion boards is the perfect place to look for opportunities to do so. Some expansion boards will give your keyboard a memory boost so it can hold more recorded music, while others might add more instrument sounds to choose from or maybe even some exotic new effects. It all depends on what's available for your keyboard model and what you choose to try.

For making straightforward upgrades to your keyboard, start by checking out expansion boards like the Yamaha FL1024M Flash Memory Expansion Module. Compatible with Yamaha Motif XF and Tyros4 keyboards, it adds a gig of space for waveforms and samples. If you'd rather just send those to a PC instead, then the Yamaha Firewire Expansion Board for Motif XF or XS may be the add-on for you, since it provides more connection options to hook up Firewire-compatible digital gear to your keyboard.

Are you a Korg aficionado? If so, there are a few keyboard expansion boards here you should be sure not to miss. There's the Korg MIDI Bit for Synth Kit, for example - it allows your Synth Kit to control, or be controlled by, external MIDI devices. Another interesting choice is the Korg CV Bit for Synth Kit, which expands your Synth Kit with a control voltage continuous controller function. And if you really want to take your Synth Kit to the next level, just add the Korg USB Audio I/O for Synth Kit for virtually unlimited connection options.

It's up to you to decide which keyboard expansion boards are right for your needs, of course. So go ahead and start browsing! Even if you've never expanded your keyboard's electronics before, there's no time like the present to get started - and you just might see something in this section that gives you a few ideas you hadn't thought of before for getting even more performance out of your keyboard or synthesizer.

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