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As a keyboard player, there's no doubt that you love your instrument. That's why it only makes sense that you're in the market a keyboard gig bag or cover to call your own. Gig bags and covers can not only keep your keyboard safe when not in use, they can also be crucial for getting your keyboard to and from the gig in one piece. Because gig bags and cases are so vital to your instrument, it only makes sense that you'd want to have one that was designed by a company with a reputation for being the best. That's where Gator comes into play. Since the turn of the century, Gator has been offering gig bags and covers to musicians that are both durable and convenient, allowing you to have the peace of mind that your keyboard is safe when it's not in use.

Because there are a wide variety of gig bags and covers available to you, your best bet when checking out what Gator has to offer may be the start with their top sellers. For example, the GKB Nylon Keyboard Gig Bag is the perfect option for any keyboardist who makes their living gigging around town. This heavy duty bag represents an affordable way to get your keyboard from one place to another safely and easily. With reinforced straps to keep it safe inside, as well as comfort carry handles, this bag is an ideal choice for you.

Another popular option, especially if you're a performer who is taking their keyboard on longer journeys, is the GK-88 88-Key Lightweight Keyboard Case on Wheels. The major highlight of this case is that it includes wheels that make it easy to roll through airports and busy sidewalks. Lightweight, but totally secure, you'll definitely find a lot to love about this case.

Gator has always strived to treat your keyboards with the care and respect they deserve. By keeping your keyboard in a Gator gig bag or cover, you can be sure that your instrument is going to be in the exact same condition it was in when you put it there after your last practice or show.