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If you have (or have plans of building) a home recording studio, then a keyboard workstation is a must-own piece of equipment. With that being said, you don't need to own the biggest, most expensive model to let your imagination run wild - in fact, a 61-key keyboard workstation will do just the trick. 61- key keyboard workstations are the perfect balance of portability and versatility. Plus, a wide range of models can be found on today's market - just take a look through this section and you'll find 61-key keyboard workstations from respected companies like Korg, Yamaha, Kurzweil and Roland.

While every 61-key keyboard workstation in this catalog is deserves your consideration, the right one for you will depend on a few things, including your price range and what type of effects and samples you want at your disposal. For aspiring producers on a budget, try an affordable, entry-level model like the Korg KROSS 61 Workstation. A best seller, this workstation boasts an impressive array of effects. Additionally, its sound engine is derived from Krome: a 16-track sequencer with two-channel audio recording, seven simultaneous effects and Electribe-style editing. You can even connect to your computer via USB for plug-in integration with your DAW of choice. The KROSS 61 has everything you need to compose amazing pieces of music at home and you can even take your creations with you on the road.

Now for those of you who have plenty of experience with keyboard workstations, the Roland FA-06 61-Key Workstation is just what you need to maximize your creative flow. It has over 2000 sounds from the flagship INTEGRA-7 sound module, a 16-track sequencer with non-stop loop recording, and guitar/mic and line input jacks for performing, sampling, and DAW audio recording. From its light weight to its touch sensitive keys and realistic audio, the Roland FA-06 is a 61-key keyboard workstation that belongs in the setup of any serious music producer.

Honestly, the 61-key keyboard workstations on this page are packed with so many innovative features, you really need to take a closer peek at each one. Taking your musical inventiveness to the next level is possible even with a compact, 61-key workstation, and any one of the models here will make that obvious to you.