Kids Guitars

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Find the Right Kids Guitar

A child’s first guitar is an important decision. The right guitar for a kid must be easy to play. It should also look cool and sound good enough to keep them playing. Those who stay with it will always remember their first guitar. Musician’s Friend is here to help you make a great investment for a lucky child.

This page offers a curated selection of guitars for kids. You’ll find acoustic and electric guitars. While you almost can’t go wrong by choosing a guitar from this collection, we have some hints that might help get more out of each young guitarist’s experience. Above all, it’s often best to help kids choose their first guitar. If it’s a surprise gift, look for clues that will inform your decision based on the following info.

Check out our in-depth guide to choosing the perfect guitar for kids on The HUB blog.

Electric Guitars for Kids

Generally speaking, it’s easier for a child to start playing on an electric guitar. They’re usually smaller guitars with lighter strings and thinner neck profiles. They’re also more durable. Electric guitars on their own are very quiet. They don’t need to be plugged in, but it sure is fun to. Plugged in, electric guitars can be much louder than an acoustic guitar on its own. Many kids start out with a basic electric guitar and amplifier package.

Acoustic Guitars for Kids

Acoustic guitars can be more difficult to play for a kid. But, they can help new players learn proper playing technique. If you’re helping a child that loves acoustic music, there might be no substitute. Young fans of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran might see themselves with an acoustic guitar. Martin worked Sheeran, and Taylor with Taylor Swift, to build high quality acoustic guitars that are a dream first guitar for any kid.