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About Kohala:

There are lots of instruments out there, but the ukulele always manages to stand out - which is pretty impressive, when you consider its size. Getting big sound and character from a small package is what Kohala ukuleles do best, and they've got options to suit any budget and experience level. Whether you're looking for a fun little strumbox to bring along to the campfire or a concert-ready pro model to take on the stage, you'll find it in the Kohala lineup. They know what it takes to make this traditional Hawaiian instrument really shine, and any of these ukes is one that you can be proud to call your own.

For students and casual players, some great starting options are the Kohala KG-S Soprano Ukulele and the Kohala Exclusive Soprano Ukulele. Based on the uke's most popular size, these instruments are incredibly affordable, solidly built and easy on the ears. They'll give you that classic tropical sound, and to help you keep them in good shape, Kohala even offers a case: the KGB Ukulele Gig Bag. That's everything you need for your first uke, right here and ready to go.

On the other hand, if you're a professional ukulele player in need of a pro-oriented and stage-ready instrument, you might be more interested in something like the Kohala Rainbow Series Concert Ukulele. It's a gorgeous little uke with an eye-catching finish that looks as great as it sounds. For those who prefer a larger instrument, another excellent choice is the KO-T Kine'O Tenor Ukulele. An Eastern mahogany body is the secret to this uke's mellow tones.

It doesn't matter if you want something classic, like the Akamai Series Soprano Ukulele, or something completely original like the Kohala Soprano Ukulele with Markable Surface... whatever kind of uke belongs in your collection, you should have no problem finding it in within the Kohala selection.