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About Kustom:

The 1960s were a huge decade for music, especially when it comes to amplifiers. Most musicians would agree that it was a golden age for amps, with many of today's models still trying to imitate the tone that vintage '60s models produced. One of the key players in that era was Kustom, and they're still one of the best-respected names in amplification today. On top of that, they've even branched out into speaker cabinets and PA systems, so no matter how you're looking to make your sound heard, Kustom can help you out.

One of the things that Kustom is best known for is bringing solid-state amplifiers into the limelight at a time when virtually every amp was made with tubes. If you've thought that only tubes can give you great tone, Kustom can make you think twice about that. They have made some tube amps over the years for the die-hard enthusiasts, of course, but at the same time, Kustom has pushed solid-state technology so far forward that amps like the KG100HFX can rival any takers - tube or otherwise.

All of the progress that Kustom made developing revolutionary amplifiers is something they've definitely applied to their speakers as well, with outstanding options such as the KPC210MP Powered Speaker Pair and Kustom KG412 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet. If you're looking for PA speakers, start by deciding how large a set you need: you can start with a smaller set like the UB802 / KPC10P PA Package for everyday performances, or, if you need a bigger and more powerful setup, consider something like the KPC15 Phonic 1860 package, which includes two monitors in addition to its PA speakers, mixer and microphones.

When Kustom designs their speakers, amps and PA systems, they've got performers and presenters from all walks of life in mind. Whether you're a solo artist, bandleader, road manager or venue owner, you can count on Kustom audio gear to power up every show with great sound that's friendly to any budget.