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There was a time when talented left-handed musicians were limited in their choices for the perfect bass. Thanks to forward-thinking manufacturers like Fender, those days are gone and southpaws have a wide range of options to choose from in their search for the perfect electric bass guitar. With over seven decades of creating the best of the best in musical instruments, Fender has made it their mission to offer variety, quality and superior craftsmanship in their instruments. One look at their catalog of left-handed electric basses and you'll understand why Fender stands the test of time for artists all over the world.

If you're on the hunt for an outstanding beginner instrument or are looking to add to your impressive collection of axes, check out the best-selling Fender Standard Left-Handed Jazz Bass Guitar with Rosewood Fretboard. This affordable lefty bass combines a sleek, vintage-inspired design and single-coil pickups with modern technologies like shielded body cavities for rich, pleasing tone, as well as a rosewood fingerboard for warmth and a softened attack. You really can't go wrong with this versatile bass at your fingertips.

Perhaps you're an experienced professional player and are craving a new way to impress your fans. If so, the top-rated Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Left-Handed may be the end of your search. A must-have for southpaw jazz artists everywhere, this contemporary axe features a high-mass vintage bridge, single-coil pickups, a high-gloss rosewood fingerboard and a satin neck back for smooth playability and exceptional tone. If you want to boost your already awesome skills, this left-handed bass can help you make it happen.

Selecting the perfect lefty electric bass is a big investment and an important decision, so definitely take some time to research our catalog and read customer reviews from other artists as discerning as you are. Fender is devoted to helping you uncover your best sound, so you can feel confident your expectations will be met and surpassed with their basses.