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Every DJ and lighting tech knows that visuals make up a huge part of any concert, dance or show. For the audience, a lighting sequence can make the difference between an average experience and a great one. Through your lights, you have the power to create an atmosphere of high energy, romance, contemplation, or any other mood that fits the setting. To get all those lights working in concert with each other, Elation lighting controllers and dimmer packs will be your best friends behind the scenes. For permanent installations in a DJ booth or road rack, take a look at Elation's mountable controllers. Options like the Stage Setter series are great for a wide variety of uses, and if you need plenty of channels, it's hard to beat the Magic 260. Some of these controllers, like the Light Co-Pilot II and Stage Pak 2, come bundled with switch packs and cables to give you everything you need for your setup right out of the box.

When you want something a bit more portable and versatile than a mounted controller, Elation also offers a lineup of "tabletop" models that you can quickly set up anywhere. A few examples of these are the Operator series and Scene Setter Lighting Controller. If you're a power-user with a huge setup, check out the Show Designer 2. This controller supports an impressive 1024 DMX channels and uses flash memory that makes it easy to update from any computer.

Speaking of computers, you can go digital with your lights using the Elation Emulation DMX Software/Hardware Lighting Controller. This powerful software controller comes with an interface cable that allows you to connect directly from a laptop to your lighting hardware, and even makes it possible to control your lights with a smartphone or tablet. Using the right controllers and dimmers is the key to getting the most out of your lighting effects. Fortunately, with everything in Elation's catalog, the right controllers aren't hard to find. When you want to create lighting effects that are sure to wow your audiences, Elation is the way to go.