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Live sound can be tricky to perfect, especially if you're travelling to different venues night after night on tour with your band or other production. That's why choosing a complete live sound package is such a great idea. With a package, you'll have everything you need right off the bat to sound your best; all of the components are built to work together so there is no guess work needed. Since live sound packages are so crucial to your setup, it only makes sense that you'd want to purchase yours from a name you know you can trust. That's where Peavey comes into play. One of the most well-known names in the music industry, Peavey has 50 years of experience producing equipment that audio professionals all around the world respect.

Peavey is well aware that no two performers have the exact same needs, which is why they offer a wide assortment of live sound packages. This is important because it means you shouldn't have any trouble finding the right package for you and your needs. If you're not entirely sure where you should begin your search, may we suggest some of our best sellers? For example, the Escort 6000 Portable PA System 600 Watts is a very popular option that features a totally portable PA with a built-in case. Easy to transport and definitely dependable, this package is an ideal choice for smaller venues such as schools and churches.

If you've got your sights set on bigger venues, you're going to want to take a look at the PV 14 USB/PVXp 12 with Subs PA Package. This package combines a PV14 14-channel USB mixer with a pair of Peavey PVXp 12" active speakers, a pair of PVXp 15" 800W subwoofers, two Audio-Technica M4000S handheld dynamic microphones, and every accessory you could need. Best of all, this package is far more economical than purchasing each item a la carte.

With their live sound packages, Peavey has taken the guess work out of setting up for your presentation. Sounding your best is important, which is why you definitely need one of these Peavey Live Sound Packages.