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Well-known for building instruments from all sides of the guitar family, Washburn is a name that's risen to legendary status in the music community. They've been building mandolins for more than a century, and through all that time, they've always stood by their commitment to top quality and craftsmanship. If you've been searching for a ton of character and playability, then you're definitely on the right track with Washburn mandolins.

Considering the big role that this instrument plays in Latin and folk music, the simple truth is that not just any mandolin will do. And, while every Washburn mandolin is a worthwhile investment, it's important to choose the one that best matches your own style. Instruments are personal things, so the perfect choice isn't always clear in advance - but when you find it, you'll know. There's plenty of variety here, so the best way to start is just to look at everything Washburn has to offer.

Are you new to the mandolin? If so, consider starting with the Washburn M1SDL, M1S or M1K. These A-style mandolins are friendly to beginner skill levels and budgets, making them ideal when you want to start out with a high-end instrument that doesn't break the bank. For more advanced players, the choices are wide open: you could opt for one of the models we've just mentioned, or go for an elite Washburn such as the M6SW Jethro Burns F-Style Mandolin. Want an instrument with incredible versatility? Take a look at the M3SWE - with its acoustic-electric design, this F-style mandolin is easy to connect to an amplifier for unmatched volume and the freedom to use effects units as well.

Whatever you're expecting to get out of your new mandolin, Washburn is certain to have an instrument that can deliver it. Like any other instrument, it's simply a matter of comparing them until you find the one with your name written all over it. Regardless of experience level, genre or playing style, Washburn mandolins are always solid options.