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Marching Band Scores & Parts

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A marching band wouldn't amount to much without some music to play, and if there's one thing that modern bands have shown time and time again, it's that just about any kind of music can be adapted to a marching band's parade or performance. The versatility of the band is on full display in this lineup of marching band scores and parts, which covers a huge variety of material as well as offering music at different skill points to make sure that bands of any experience level will find something they can tackle. Take a look and see for yourself - and get set to start planning your band's next routine, because once you have the music you'll probably be itching to get started!

For newly-formed bands still working on hitting their stride, or for bands with younger musicians in need of simple arrangements, you might consider some of Hal Leonard's green-cover books like the Call Me Maybe - Easy Pep Band/Marching Band Level 2, the Let It Go (From Frozen) Easy Contemporary Marching Band Level 2, or the Can't Buy Me Love - Easy Pep Band/Marching Band Level 2. Working with a band ready for more advanced material? In that case, check out the red covers instead for some amazing parts such as the Hal Leonard Game Of Thrones - Pep Band/Marching Band Level 3 or the Hal Leonard Layla - Pep Band/Marching Band Level 3.

Naturally, the difficulty level isn't the only thing to take into account - theme matters, too. Good thing there's such a wide range of different music here to choose from. Get the audience excited with tunes from artists like the Beatles, Nirvana and Avicii, or put on a TV, movie or broadway-themed spectacle. As a band, you've got the power to choose whatever music you want to play. And with all these marching band scores and parts to serve as your inspiration, it won't be a tough choice!