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Mapex is one of those rare companies that has an entire team pretty much made up of musicians. That means they know exactly what drummers need in order to get the sound they're after. On top of that, they also listen to the feedback that their community provides on a regular basis, allowing them to tweak and adjust their instruments in order to get things just right. So whether you're just getting into marching bass drums, or you're looking to upgrade your current setup, you've definitely come to the right place.

With a variety of sizes and styles available to you in this section, you're sure to find exactly what you've been searching for. Take the Mapex Quantum Bass Drum 26 x 14 Inch, for example. Part of the famous Quantum lineup, these drums are the pinnacle of quality and design. Considered a "significant evolution of the marching instrument" this drum is lightweight and offers minimal hardware to shell contact, allowing it to resonate clearly. Also crafted with progressive air-hole venting, it produces a more consistent sound overall.

If you're a smaller percussionist, or someone just starting out, consider picking up the Mapex Qualifier Bass Drum 18 x 14 Inch instead. Constructed of a maple/birch hybrid with single full-length die cast aluminum lug castings, this drum has high-end tuning stability and a more manageable feel. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the world of bass drumming.

Big names everywhere continue to go with Mapex when it comes to marching bass drums. From Aimee Mann's Ivan Edwards to John Legend's Rashid Williams and so many others, including top educators from around the country, these instruments are prized by musicians everywhere. If you've never played with a Mapex before, do yourself a favor and see how these drums can completely change the way you perform.