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Sometimes, the name for an instrument manufacturer is the perfect fit for the products they build. That's definitely the case for Dynasty, which has created a legacy for itself that just keeps on growing. Whether you're looking for drums or the hardware to carry them, this selection of Dynasty marching percussion deserves a close look - you can find what you need here, and like any band equipment worth its salt, this gear is built to last.

Naturally, the first things you'll want to look at are probably the drums. Dynasty has a great selection, plenty of which are even available in multiple factory colors so you can match your band's theme without having to paint the shell. Looking for a full-sized snare? Check out the DFXT Marching Double Snare Drum. Something a little lighter? Try the Wedge Lite Series snare. You'll also find three different sizes of bass drum here, as well as several tenor drum sextets.

Once you've picked out the drums you need, it's time to gear up to carry them. You don't need Dynasty drums to take advantage of their harness selection, either: any of the bass, snare or tom carriers found here will work nicely with other drums if you're looking for an upgrade. Interested in a working cover that can stay on your drums permanently to protect them even during marches? Dynasty has these, and they work great for keeping your marching percussion in good shape.

Of course, when you're not marching, it's time to pack up the drums and get ready for the next show. That calls for even more protection, since the instruments have to ride in a car, bus or van, often sharing space with other luggage. The Dynasty Marching Snare Drum Case and Black Molded Marching Quad/Quint Case are two examples of how you can take care of that, putting rigid shells around your marching percussion to keep it safe no matter how bumpy the ride.

Dynasty is a name that's seen on fields all over the country, including the Dallas Cowboys Drumline and too many college bands to name. The reason why top bands trust Dynasty so well is very simple: the quality is just that good. When you're looking for drums and hardware that can support the most elite bands, Dynasty marching percussion has the answer.