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No sound engineer would ever underestimate the quality of their microphones. After all, you could be the most skilled audio technician in the world, but in order to put your skills into action, you need microphones that are built by experienced audiophiles. Of course, it's for this reason why CAD remains a go-to name amongst industry experts. Since 1931, CAD has been dedicated to constructing microphones for any recording application, and this catalog is loaded with packages that are rugged, pristine in sound, and more than capable of capturing the sound you have in mind.

So what is the right package for you? That will come down to how many microphones you'll need, as well as what you're miking. For example, if you're a touring drummer who prefers to travel with their own mics, check out the Pro-4 pack. Essential for any percussionist, this package has been assembled specifically to cover the mic needs of today's most hard-hitting percussionists. Consisting of one KM 212, two TM 211s, and one SN210 with a frequency response tweaked for your snare, this 4-pack will ensure your fans hear every detail of your drums clearly.

Now for those with slightly larger drum sets, go with the Premium 7-piece kit. Featuring one D12, four TSM411s, two GXL1200s, and four DMC1 clips, this kit is packed with everything you need to make your performance heard in all its glory. Additionally, it includes all your stands, cables, and it also comes in a vinyl carrying case for easy transport and storage.

There sure are a lot of microphone options to choose from in this day and age, but separating the best from the pack is easier than you think. For example, CAD has an ever-growing roster of top-recording artists and engineers who count on them to bring their talents to the forefront, including Vernon Reid of Living Colour, Joe Walsh, Nickelback's engineer Gordini, and countless others. In other words, you can take comfort in knowing that when you go with a package from CAD, you're going with microphones that are renowned by the pros.