Ultimate Support Microphone Stands

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Not just a name, Ultimate Support microphone stands really are the ultimate in stand technology. To a lot of other companies, stands are just stands, but to Ultimate Support they're one of the most important accessories you'll find on a stage. Award-winning and known for pushing stands into the modern age, Ultimate Support are on a quest to bring their incredible gear to the masses... because everyone deserves top-quality equipment.

From single stands to multi-packs to custom-looking options, no matter what you're searching for you'll find in this section. If you're someone who is taking center stage and is known for moving around, you need something with a sturdy base so you can rock out as hard as you want. Something like the LIVE-ST Weighted Base Microphone Stand. Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction, a die-cast base and an ergonomic one-hand clutch adjustment, this stand is a performers dream. More interested in a couple of stands for you and a bandmate? Then definitely check out the PRO-SB Stackable Base Mic Stand 2-Pack. Featuring unique stackable bases, heavy-duty clutches and sturdy steel tubing, they're finished with a patented universal mic attachment so you can use almost any type of microphone.

If you're looking to truly stand out on stage though, then you'll love the "Bring It On Sucka" custom mic stand. A direct reflection of your personality, this spectacular stand features a tough and rugged design, an all-over chrome finish, and one-hand adjustability, making it as functional as it is eye-catching. You'll always be the center of attention when you're rocking out behind this stand.

Preferred by artists and bands like Tim McGraw, Train, Weird Al Yankovic and even used exclusively in top venues like The Viper Room, Ultimate Support mic stands are the pinnacle in terms of quality and innovation. So whether you're a touring professional or just someone starting out, looking to enhance their on-stage performance, if you refuse to settle for second best, then Ultimate Support stands are the only ones that will do.