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Every singer, entertainer and public speaker wants their voice to be heard clearly, concisely and without distortion. Offering stellar construction, affordability and innovative design, Peavey microphones and wireless systems ensure every word you speak, joke you tell or lyric you sing is captured, no matter the size and scope of your audience. Whether you're singing karaoke at home or performing for a crowd of thousands, your voice is in good hands with the outstanding selection of Peavey mics.

Peavey electronics has been a front-runner in the industry since 1965, and one look at their impressive catalog of products and reputation with satisfied artists explains why. Peavey offers an impressive array of sound solutions – truly a product for every type of need. If you require a top-notch microphone, take a moment to think about your needs, whether it be a single mic or a multi-piece bundle so you can find your perfect solution.

If you only require one microphone, perhaps the highly rated PVI 2 1/4 Dynamic Handheld mic definitely has a lot to offer. This durable cardioid mic has a natural sound and tone coloration to reduce distortion, along with a first-rate pickup pattern for vocalists. If you're a drummer who'd appreciate all the 'bells and whistles', the PVM DMS-5 Drum Mic System is a terrific choice. Featuring a mic for a kick drum, a snare and multiple toms along with clips and cables, this versatile package is ideal for stage or studio use. Or if you're in a choir or ensemble act and need a small mic to capture big sound, try the VCM 3 Choir mic, with premium sound reinforcement and smooth frequency response. This mic truly captures your group numbers or solos, so the audience picks up every sound you make.

Peavey offers some of the best audio solutions on the market today and are respected around the globe for their performance, reliability and quality. Simple to use and a fantastic value, a Peavey microphone or wireless system is what you've has been looking for.