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Conneaut Audio Devices, or CAD, has a reputation built on excellence and experience, making it a brand you can trust. While they have been manufacturing microphones for 25 years, their story dates back much further. Originally taking shape as the Astatic Corporation in 1931, the company's initial goal was to produce static-free microphones for radio transmitters. In the years since they have expanded their offerings, now providing microphones for everywhere from the studio and the stage, to restaurants, airports, and more.

You don't have to be an audio engineer or a musician to be a person to make use of a top-of-the-line microphone. With designs that cater to very specific markets, CAD Audio almost definitely offers the exact microphone you need.

Say, for example, you're in the private security business. If this is the case, the 611L Omni Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Switch is definitely right for you. This mic is specifically tailored for voice communication, producing clear, crisp sounds that are easy to understand in almost any situations. If you're concerned about background noise becoming a problem, check out the Noise-Canceling Omnidirectional Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Switch. With the ability to filter out ambient noise, you'll be heard clearly when you speak to your team or co-workers.

Maybe you're running a conference center and need a top notch podium mic for your next speaker? Definitely take a moment to investigate the CAD 119L Gooseneck Cardioid Dynamic Microphone or the AMC Omni Dynamic Microphone With Push-to-Talk Switch. This ruggedly designed mic features a gooseneck design that is easy to adjust to individual needs. Your next speech will be broadcast brilliantly with one of these microphones.

CAD Audio knows there's a market for quality microphones for a variety of applications beyond singing and recording instruments, and they aim to serve that demographic better than anybody else. When you need a very specific mic for a very specific task, look no further than CAD Audio.