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What do the greatest musicians of all time use when they press record? Almost unanimously they pick up a Nady Microphone. Why? With award winning technology, high-quality materials and rugged designs, these mics dominate the industry. When you want to get the most out of your music, go with Nady. Founded in the early 1970s, Nady was one of the first companies to introduce the wireless microphone to the public. Quickly going international with their manufacturing and distribution, Nady has been a name associated with top acts worldwide for decades. Offering everything from condenser, dynamic and ribbon microphones, as well as drum, USB and full mic packages, you'll definitely find what you're looking for in this section.

If this is your first time exploring what Nady has to offer, you should first start by considering your exact needs to help narrow things down. If you need to outfit an entire band, check out the SP-9 Mic Package #1. Featuring six SP-9 mics, six 20' cables and a gig bag to help transport your gear, this package gets you ready to rock in no time. As well, if you're in need of a new studio microphone to enhance your recordings, you should spend some time behind the expertly designed PCM-100 Classic Mic. Versatile in the studio because of its high-quality electret condenser element, cardioid polar pattern and switchable low-cut filter, this microphone has a smooth frequency response that will be appreciated by musicians everywhere.

Are you in need of accessories too? You'll find everything you need here also to complete your in-studio or at-home setup. With pop filters and shock mounts, as well as combinations of the two, you'll be able to give every performance a professional feel with these accessories. And because they're also made by Nady, you know they'll work with your Nady microphone.

Legendary Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, Mick Mars of Motley Crue, renowned guitarist Steve Vai, Mistfits' bassist Jerry Only, and many more iconic artists all use Nady microphones in the studio or on the stage. Even Johnny Cash, one of music's all-time greats, swore by the clarity and unparalleled quality of Nady mics. If you're looking for a professional microphone to capture not just the tone, but the essence of your music, look no further.